TIL: all raindrops have a speck of dirt inside them. Raindrops can only form when they have something to condense on to, thus the need for a particle of dirt.

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It doesn’t have to be dirt, just any piece of solid matter. This includes all kinds of microscopic material, including bacteria. Also, when the water droplets first form, they create clouds before they’re big enough to be raindrops.


Ha, so rain *does* make your car dirty


I got a Corneal Ulcer from bacteria in a rain drop once. Was brutal, could have gone blind from it. Had to put special eye drops in every 15 minutes for the first 2 days after being diagnosed. A week more of eye drops every 2-4 hours and I was finally cured. It ate 3 holes in my cornea before I got rid of it


So rain is basically sky pearls


Initially, yes. But there’s nothing to stop them from rebounding off of one another on the way down. Particle free droplets are mathematically guaranteed.