TIL An Inmate sued Himself for $5 Million dollars for commiting a crime that went against his religious beliefs — He demanded the state pay the damages because he had no money himself

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But did he win?


When you have access to a free law library, law clerk assistance and your filing fees are waived all you need is the time. And a convict has nothing but time.


Ok, you win! We will pay you the 5 million settlement also, but now that you have money, you can pay the state back with interest.


Okay, why does it seem like most of these insane cases come from the US? Is my perception just biased or is there actually something about the US legal system that allows stuff like that to make it to court?


When my brother died in a car accident in 1989, we sued the van driver who pulled out in front of the car he was in. They also allowed the van driver to sue us! And my brother was the passenger! So yes; in the United States anyone can sue for anything.