TIL Pierre Joubert (1701-1814), age 113, was believed to have been the oldest person who ever lived. It was later discovered Pierre died in 1766 at age 65 and his son by the same name died in 1814, causing the confusion

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In 2012, the United Nations estimated that there were 316,600 living centenarians worldwide. The incidence of centenarians in Japan was one per 3,522 people in 2008, and Japan alone is expected to have 272,000 centenarians by 2050.


I am a Jr. I have the benefit of us having the same insurance lol actually it is like a life hack having the same name. Also my name is the same as a famous person so when a person does a Google search they don’t even find me.


I dont know why I always remember this, but I thought Francis Bacon lived a crazy long life. My school textbook had a typo, and instead of writing his life as ’22 January 1561 – 9 April 1626′, it was 1662.


That happened fairly often i believe.


As I was reading it, I thought it was some sort of a fraud scheme but then it was something rather tame.