TIL Thailand used to have a prison called “Khuk Khi Kai,” or “Chicken poop prison.” The first floor of the prison contained prisoners, and the second floor was a large chicken coop. The grated floor ensured that prisoners were constantly subjected to chicken poop.

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I visited this place when touring Thailand a few years ago. We had a good tour guide who told us a lot about it, and many other places, that I’ve never been able to find online (in English anyways). Apparently it was an extremely feared punishment, something you couldn’t face with dignity. The stench of this building was so horrific that even the officers leading you there, wearing protective masks, would be gagging violently far before you even arrived. If you spent even a week in there, there wouldn’t be a spot of skin still visible on your body, beneath the multiple layers of caked-on chicken dung. It’s sad to see it turned into a gimmicky touristy attraction with funny-looking chicken statues now. Kind of feels wrong given what happened there. I got to go inside the structure itself…it was pretty chilling looking up at where the upper tier of the prison was through the grate, where over 200 chickens would have been kept, seeing the ventilation holes for the chickens on the upper layer but none on the bottom…


It always amazes me how cruel people can be to each other.


Doesn’t chicken poop emit ammonia or some other harmful compound as it dries? I don’t know where I heard that but those prisoners might have had more than a bad smell to worry about.


Average hen will produce 70 – 150 pounds of manure a year * 200 hens is roughly 30,000 pounds a year.. prison was ~2000 sq feet. Assuming they didn’t clean it regularly you would be wading in decomposing chicken shit. The French had some diabolical ideas on prisons… Edit: estimates of chicken poop are affected by breed, feed and activity edited it to show a range of production.


Fun Fact! It’s actually built by French to punish Thai people who rebel against French authority during the colonization. However, historian believe that it’s never been use and the French actually use it as a watchtower.