TIL that Olaf was a complete and utter asshole in the original script of Frozen, kinda like a villain but not actually one, and screenwriter Jennifer Lee hated OG Olaf so much that every time he appeared in the script she would write “kill the fucking snowman”.

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>*Jennifer*: The thing about Olaf is he was by far, for me, the hardest character to deal with. And I say that because when I came on, when I went to see a screening, people are going to hate me, when I saw the screening — I wasn’t on the project yet — every time he appeared I wrote, “Kill the f-ing snowman.” I just wrote kill him. I hate him. I hate him. >And part of it was, you know, we didn’t have Josh yet. And that’s a huge thing, obviously. And it wasn’t the scratch artist, he was great, but it was that he was — he wanted to be a shoulder because Elsa had these guards. He was half-good and half-bad. He was acerbic. He was a little, I don’t know, he just was kind of mean at times. And I didn’t know why he existed and I didn’t like him. Lol, she really fucking hated the snowman.


Do you want to kill a a snowman?


I feel like this comments section is gonna hate me if the current replies are anything to go by, but I really like Olaf. If it helps I wish death upon the minions.


Which is hilarious, because even as a sweetheart and completely ignorant of his own juxtaposition in being a snowman wanting to enjoy a warm summer, he’s still a shit character.


He becomes more cynical in Frozen 2 which I thought was really well done. Not too much of an asshole, more of a natural progression of aging as he starts to understand how the world works. There were plenty of times that I laughed at some of comments. Easily the best character in the new movie.