TIL that the entire surface of Saturn’s moon, Titan, can move several kilometers per month, suggesting that there is an ocean underneath the surface.

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Found on Wikipedia and NASA’s website: “Using data from the radar’s early observations, the scientists and radar engineers established the locations of 50 unique landmarks on Titan’s surface. They then searched for these same lakes, canyons and mountains in the reams of data returned by Cassini in its later flybys of Titan. They found prominent surface features had shifted from their expected positions by up to 30 kilometers (19 miles). A systematic displacement of surface features would be difficult to explain unless the moon’s icy crust was decoupled from its core by an internal ocean, making it easier for the crust to move. “We believe that about 100 kilometers (62 miles) beneath the ice and organic-rich surface is an internal ocean of liquid water mixed with ammonia,” said Bryan Stiles of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. Stiles is a contributing author to the paper.” “Surface features were observed by the Cassini spacecraft to systematically shift by up to 30 kilometers (19 mi) between October 2005 and May 2007, which suggests that the crust is decoupled from the interior, and provides additional evidence for an interior liquid layer.[28] Further supporting evidence for a liquid layer and ice shell decoupled from the solid core comes from the way the gravity field varies as Titan orbits Saturn.[29] Comparison of the gravity field with the RADAR-based topography observations[30] also suggests that the ice shell may be substantially rigid.[31][32]”


Well duh, didn’t you guys play Destiny? /s


Not just any subsurface ocean… The Earth’s deepest oceanic canyon is 33,500 ft / 11 km. Estimates put Titan’s subsurface ocean depths up to THREE HUNDRED KILOMETERS, surrounding the ENTIRE MOON. thalassophobia, anyone?


There is a game about surviving in a submarine with a crew on this moon, in those oceans. It is called barotrauma and it is really fun to play with friends, it’s a cool ass game


What’s amazing is it’s all methane. In the future it’s possible that titan will be a solar fueling station where we pump liquid methane to use a fuel