TIL the US National Guard will air drop hay bales to stranded livestock that the farmers can’t get to.

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Imagine this from the cows perspective. Just starts randomly raining food from massive loud birds


It was a horrible snowy winter in mid80s. I was stationed in Colorado in a heavy lift unit. We were assigned to drop feed for livestock. Hey!! It is actually quite difficult to do weight and balance, get fuel on board, calculating operational time vs refuel or another feed run. It was applicable to actually training for how the hell to get all this stuff into a spot somebody doesn’t want us to fly in. Next summer we’re doing fire bucket trainings for forest fire inhibition. Damn livestock running up the ramp looking for an easy meal. It was hilarious!


That is the best MOS there could be.


This is livestock that is stranded because of flooding. This isn’t propping up failing farmers, or giving hand outs to people, or anything else people are whining about in the comments. Massive herd loss would be devastating on the food supply chain.


Always willing to bale you out of a bad situation.