Trump Impeachment Report Released by House Panel

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Sadly, even if they got this 100% correct, it is still gonna fall into a bottomless pit of unethical powermongering that is our Senate.


The thing that gets me the most, is that if a Democrat did this, the GOP would go fucking APESHIT. They’d be foaming at the mouth for years. But the thing is…the Democrats would too (obviously to a lesser degree that the GOP). But the point is a sizeable stack of Democrats would never condone their own President doing what Trump did. But, Republicans don’t seem to care when their guy does it. The two parties voters are not the same. Seeing Trump continually get support from a sizable percentage of the Republican party is an American tragedy. I am truly ashamed to be countrymen with so many on the right.


I see so many comments talking about how impeachment is pointless and will get nowhere due to the senate. I find this notion disgusting to just give up on it because it’s likely to fail later. Impeachment needs to happen in the house at the minimum because it’s the right thing to do. Dems can’t give up because malicious actors on one side play dirty. They need to stick to their guns and go through with impeachment because it’s what is supposed to happen when crimes are committed. This is not about winning seats in the next election or whatever talking points, it’s literally what is supposed to be done in this circumstance.


Shit is about to hit the fan……how his supporters continue to defend him amazes me.


Every time I see what the White House Press Secretary says, the more I’m reminded of those press releases from places like North Korea where they just completely deny reality.