Trump says “I don’t know Prince Andrew” but photos say otherwise

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Melania? Junior? Jared? Ivanka? Rudy? Nah. Never heard of ‘em


> Trump says ___________ > Photos say otherwise You can apply this to anything he says


He doesn’t acknowledge Guiliani’s Ukrainan thug partners either despite being in more than one photo with them. He has a ‘convenient’ memory.


Remember when a GOP-appointed prosecutor cut Epstein a mysterious sweetheart plea deal then years later Trump appointed him to the cabinet then with the scandal in the headlines he resigned without admitting to any specific wrongdoing or explaining what had happened?


There is a huge difference from meeting someone, and shaking their hand and “knowing someone”. Trump said he doesn’t know Prince Andrew. To Trump that’s the truth, cause they aren’t friends. Has he met him, sure but he doesn’t know him. There’s a difference, but the “I hate All that is Trump” crowd won’t care to understand that. It’s more fun to make fun of him, and circle jerk about it. ​ /bring on the hate.