Tuesday Market Selloff! S&P on pace for its largest weekly drop since August.

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Ahh, some of the cyber monday deals trickle in a bit late.


It has been a while since we have had much of any pullback in this market. Whether it’s the weak domestic econ. data this week, or tariff man that the media keeps pointing to for the “reason” for the dip, this market had been riding high for weeks, so this pullback in the market is quite refreshing and healthy to see for a change. It remains to be seen if this turn into yet another repeat of the December that we saw last year. Seems like for now though this has been on the orderly selloff variety. What are your thoughts here? Let’s hear ’em.


Rip me I’m not even opening e trade


This is nothing. I will move a bunch of cash over when it is down 40% from peak.


The WSJ today affirmed that economic forecasts for 2020 assume international trade agreements get back on track. At this point, it seems like there’s a growing risk that this isn’t going to happen. The international trade that has powered economic growth for the last seventy years is being dismantled. The consequences for the US economy are dire. Most of our leading industries derive a substantial portion of their revenues internationally (one example: GM sells more vehicles in China than in the US). I expect further substantial drops in stock prices unless sanity returns to our leadership.