Two China Firms Miss $526 Million Bond Payments as Woes Grow

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FYI they are AAA bond that what I heard


Can someone explain to this idiot what this means? Let’s assume I understand calculus and the headlines of current geopolitics, but not much of economics.


Alrighty, honest question time: Is this an indication that the US is “winning” the trade war? Don’t get me wrong, I personally think the trade war is akin to two people holding each others’ heads under water and thinking they’re accomplishing something. Not a fan. But is China taking a bigger hit than the US? Or is this just a single example amid a myriad of other shitstorms? Thanks in advance.


Man, when I saw the news this morning that 北大 defaulted, I was laughing thinking “good, fuck em!” Too bad it was 北大方正 and not the actual university. So this is actually a very interesting thing with these Chinese universities. Schools would create these subsidiaries that is essentially where their finding comes from and where they invest their endowments. On paper these groups commercialize and handle patents created by researchers from these universities, but like, in reality they’re just conglomerates that do a bit of everything. I mean, Peking University Founders Group literally has a subsidiary to sells computers…. So here’s my fingers crossed that the Peking University Founders Group goes bust and drags the rest of that dump down with it! Tsinghua #1


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