Upper body more sore from front squats than legs?

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Your legs are still getting worked. Your upper body is just weaker. Keep working, maybe do some extra upper back work (never a bad thing regardless).


Odds are you have been doing other squats and your legs are used to the motion. Front squats put the weight on the opposite side of the body so things will be sore. It’s a little like when someone has a new baby. Carrying, bouncing, and walking with the baby in your arms isn’t hard at all but after the first week with a new baby, people’s backs are always sore. Why? It’s a new movement with weight in a place they aren’t used to. As long as it is soreness and not pain, it’s fine and probably not even a weakness, just an adaptation.


Front squats require a lot of shoulder/back stability and flexibility. My grip strength often failed before legs. But keep going it’ll be better.


I resisted doing front squats for years as I thought they were dumb. Hurt my shoulder and switched to them. WOW what a difference. When I first added them my upper back was def the weak spot and like you thought my legs were suffering. Wasn’t the case. Saw a LOT of improvement from the move to front squats and will always have them as part of my training going forward.


Start doing paused front squats. Your back more than likely hurts cus your core is not strong enough. Wrists is probably just a mobility issue. I’d start using straps while working on mobility. That way only your core/back would be a limiting factor now.