[US] Refund given as a debit card; got it changed

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Why can’t they refund the original payment method?


I ran into something kind of similar when I ordered some cables off amazon. They ended up being the wrong type, but I couldn’t just return to amazon, I had to put a request in through some shady company to get the refund fulfilled. I ended up keeping them and they did come in handy eventually. If I was in your shoes, after I returned the product, I would just chargeback the transaction through the bank. They took the product back, so they owe you the money anyway.


I sold a guitar to Guitar Center and they have ceased issuing checks, I was instead given a debit card. It was NOT accepted everywhere.


Any time I have an issue with a purchase I dispute it with my credit card (citi bank) There have been times when the seller refused to acknowledge my complaints, but citi gave me an instant refund and suddenly the seller is contacting ME. This has happened numerous times with returns to rock auto. Their system shows that credit was issued but I never receive the money. Phone calls are pointless as they just give me a reference number. Filing a dispute with my CC gets immediate results


So another thing you could do is get a cash advance at your bank. It is free to do, and zeros put the balance. Mine charged me 50 cents each transaction. I might be crazy but I’m not an idiot.