What do happy people have in common?

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They’re predisposed to find the good in even difficult situations, but when they can’t, they allow their sadness and don’t get angry at themselves for feeling bad.


They don’t take themselves too seriously. An overinflated sense of self-importance is pretty much an express ticket to Miseryville and Selfloathing-burg.


1 they’re happy 2 they know it 3 they are clapping their hands 4 ??? 5 Profit!


Balance. They know what to worry about and what to let go.


Happiness is more than a mood; it’s a state of mind. I’m not just talking about perpetually looking on the bright side of life. That’s decent advice, but it presupposes that there *is* a bright side, which isn’t always the case. Some situations just suck, and pretending otherwise isn’t “happiness” so much as it is “delusion.” At the same time, though, a tragedy in the past doesn’t need to have a negative impact on the present… and since the present is all that we have, it’s wisest to take actions *now* that will lead to the best future. That can sometimes seem difficult, of course, but if you adopt the attitude that you’re responsible for yourself – regardless of any unfair hands that you might have been dealt – and if you assume that there’s always a path onward and upward, you’ll probably discover that happiness comes on its own. Rather than saying “I’m unhappy because of X,” it’s better to say “X would make me happy,” then work toward it. If you don’t know what would make you happy, start looking… or just start working until you discover it. **TL;DR: Happy people have something to strive toward.**