What historical event you can’t believe happened?

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That time Emperor Napoleon escaped from the island he was imprisoned on after his army was finally defeated, snuck back into France under the nose of King Louis XVIII and literally every royal guard and roadblock from Marseille to Paris, then when he was actually caught just outside of Paris, he managed to persuade the soldiers (who just so happened to be former Bonapartists) to escort him into Paris where he managed to successfully cause the king to flee, on top of raising a full army to wage war against Europe AGAIN. The only time in history an emperor took back an entire country just by waving his hat.


When the English monarchy was restored in 1660, King Charles II ordered the posthumous execution of the Members of Parliament involved in his dad’s execution who had died during the Interregnum. Basically, he wasn’t going to let the fact that the guys were dead get in the way of vengeance. He literally had them dug up, hung the corpses, and then beheaded them.


The famines in China in 1958-1961 where TENS OF MILLIONS of people starved to death. Imagine, in your parent’s generation, if millions of people died of starvation. And no one talks about it.


On May 1st, 1945, the day after Adolf Hitler commited suicide, general Hans Krebs was sent under a white flag to deliver a letter to General Vasily Chuikov of the Red Army, containing surrender terms acceptable to Joseph Goebbels, then acting as Chancellor of Germany. Krebs had not announced that he was coming, taking Chuikov by surprise. At that time, he was being interviewed by two war correspondents, Konstantin Simonov and Yevgeniy Dolmatovsky, accompanied by musician Matvey Blanter(Who wrote the internationally famous “Katyusha”) When he was informed that Krebs was waiting for him outside, Chuikov, wanting to speak to Krebs as soon as possible, while making sure the meeting would seem official, quickly gave the interviewers, who were dressed in uniform, medals so that they would act as his staff. Not knowing what to do with Blanter, however, since he was dressed in civilian clothing, Chuikov hastily shoved him into a cupboard and ordered him to keep quiet, which he managed to do for the duration of the meeting. Unfortunately, the meeting came to nothing, as the Soviets would accept nothing but unconditional surrender. Once the meeting is over, just as Krebs and his men are leaving with the bad news, Blanter passes out from lack of oxygen, and falls out of the cupboard onto the floor of the room right in front of them. There was a scene in the film “Downfall” showing the events of this meeting, but the scene was removed out of worry that it would not be taken seriously, even though it really happened.


Just the fact that dinosaurs roamed the earth. Imagine a T Rex walking around in a national park today.