What’s bullshit but people still haven’t caught on yet?

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Free trials that require credit card information


Some apps on the playstore still have bots “reviewing” them, and some people stil fall for it. Edit: Oh…10k upvotes…wow…Y’ALL FALLED FOR IT, BOIZ. Ok…seriously…wow! Thanks! Thanks a lot guys! Thanks a lot girls! Now imma head to da fridge.


Manufactured outrage. Media reports some fake/exaggerated story about some insane thing that’s happening that nobody in their right mind would think is OK. They call it a trend and act like it’s a widespread phenomenon. Everyone reacts to this story with outrage. Now the outrage against this thing that isn’t even a thing in the first place has become the story. The media reports on total non-stories that involve like one person and manufactures them as these divisive hot-button issues.


Reddit Gold, Platinum, Silver, Premium … I still have no idea why people pay for these things. Edit: Haha, very funny. Today is Giving Tuesday – go give your money to a charity instead.


Starbucks Secret Menu If you roll up & ask for a Barbie frapp or a cotton candy hot chocolate, baristas won’t have a clue what you’re talking about. It’s just a bunch of drink modifications that someone slapped a name on for the internet. If you want a special drink, bring the recipe for it.