Why aren’t more religious people that claim to talk or hear God diagnosed with schizophrenia?

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They got these techniques they use a lot. It’s called lying and/or speaking out of one’s ass. In all seriousness I’m sure there are some cases. But also if you truly believe something your own mind can be very reflecting of that, like to the point of physiological effects. I’m sure a lot of them are pathological liars as well, as in they actually convince themselves of their lies. But no one really gets sent to a psychiatrist because they tell people god speaks to them.


These people aren’t actually audibly hearing god. They are mistaking their inner monologue for the voice of god, when it is really just themselves talking to themselves in their head. Any thought that comes into their head can be arbitrarily categorized as Gods word. And I suspect that a good portion of them are lying about this and are just saying that god speaks to them to fit in with their church or to seem special.


You have [edit] to separate out people who really are hearing voices ( the minority imo) from those you just say that they are hearing god “speak” to them (the overwhelming majority). The latter could have justification for this which ranges from desperately trying to convince themselves they are communicating with god, to convincing others they are. Their motivation could be peer pressure or personal fear of not having enough faith or being in a position of authority in their community, et al. A lot of the time they’re conditioned to believe that god speaks to them in a variety of ways, so when they say god has told them something, they may say that he speaks to them through the things they see: the beauty of nature, a near-miss accident, a “message” in a book or tv programme, personal or public tragedies, financial windfalls; anything, really, that they can interpret in a way that matches their expectations, needs or fears. I have so many examples from personal experience of this, from the church I attended as a youth some 40 years ago to evangelicals amongst my friends and in-laws who see god’s messages in the most mundane things.


Ask yourself this question, “do I hear voices?”. In your mind, did you actually think that in words, as if you were speaking out loud. Many people do, this is “inner voice”. Now pretend you believe in magic, and you have a conversation with your inner voice representing both you and a magical counterpart. All it takes is the suspension of disbelief.


Because schizophrenia presents a specific set of symptoms and “I think I am in communication with god” is not necessarily one of them.