Is being as muscular as possible optimal for longevity and living healthily for as long as possible? Or it is better to have some body fat?

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Having muscle mass is definitely beneficial as you age, however a lot of experts in the longevity field have discussed the negatives of continued growth as you age. You dont really want excessive cellular growth aside from your developmental years. So, anabolic steroids aside, the mass monster unnatural bodybuilding type style of body is detrimental for longevity. Idk if extra body fat is ever good


Muscle and fat are not mutually exclusive. You need to lose fat to make your abdominal muscles visible, but the presence of muscle does not imply the absence of fat.


8% body fat is as low as you should go if you’re one of the weird guys who walk around at 8%. 10-15% is healthy and what most athletes strive for. You have enough fat to not get hurt all the time but not so much that it’s weighing you down or causing other issues. Generally add 10% to the above numbers for women. As for muscle mass, I wouldn’t pack on the superfluous poofy muscles but instead focus on just getting stronger. Your body will add the size it needs (which isn’t a ton) and your muscle fibres will transition from untrained to trained. TLDR powerlifting or weightlifting over bodybuilding.


I don’t know, but I’ve never seen a really muscular or a mildly fat ancient person. They always seem to be little old grandmas and grandpas. They always seem to be super lean.


Women defiantly need body fat – much more than men. We stop menstruating when our body fat reaches low levels. Very unhealthy.