Protests in India over citizenship law turn deadly | Emotions in India are running high with many angry over a controversial bill passed by the Indian government. Police reportedly killed several demonstrators in Assam state, and people torched cars and staged protests.

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This was a stupid move stemming out of prejudice and lack of discourse. The nature of protests are different in different part of India but ultimately it’s the CAB that is being protested against. Modi and his First Lady Amit shah are just trying to push their agenda without any regard for minorities or the poor. They are religious zealots who will destroy India without realizing what they’re doing.


This is a slippery slope to fall down. I’m a Hindu Indian and I dont support this bill. This may turn into a nightmare really soon. How are people supposed to prove their citizenship going back years? My dad who was born in the 50s doesn’t even have a birth certificate and he was from an affluent family himself.

Right now its immigrant muslims, next it will be all muslims and then anyone who opposes Modi. Finally ending up in Orwellian China.

Edit- Thanks for the silver! But I’m only expressing my view based on my experience.


Somehow the government seems only to care about contentious issues and ignore the real issues. Right now Indian economy is spiralling downwards, there are no jobs in the market, police needs reforms, judiciary needs reforms, education needs reforms, farmers needs help. There are 100 other urgent issues but these thugs want to focus on how to marginalise Muslims. India it seems is learning from Myanmar. Great example to look up to!


My, my. What’s this? India elected a hardline conservative into power and now people are getting unfair treatment? Who would’ve thought!


Indian here. Tbe government has been using Hong Kong tactics to demonize protestors


Trump is just 67 votes away from being an ex-President and it’s freaking him out

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What we had

>The President took refuge in the work. Getting things done was both his strategy and his way to get through all of this. And we all took our cues from him and kept our heads down and did our work.

>- A staffer on what Clinton did when he was being impeached

What we have now

>On Thursday, Trump unleashed a barrage of 123 tweets during the House Judiciary Committee debate on the articles of impeachment

Honestly, who has time to tweet 123 times in a day and still work? That would get most people fired.


It still baffles me that McConnell, Graham and Rand Paul made public pronouncements that they won’t be impartial jurors and will rig the process for Trump.

This means that no acquittal can have legitimacy.

Every history book will make note of the fact that the Senate Leader vowed to corrupt the Senate trial to favor Trump.

In my mind, this will actually do as much damage to his legacy as the House impeachment.


“Adding to Trump’s stress level are comments like the one made by former GOP Senator Jeff Flake, who recently declared that there would be “at least 35″ Republican senators who would vote to remove Trump if ballots were kept secret.”

I don’t think he is freaking out nearly enough. He’s only been to the hospital once. If he was over the top, he’s be going weekly.


Trust me, it will do *GRIEVOUS* injury to this malignant narcissist to have the word “IMPEACHED” tagged onto his name for all of eternity.

He knows he was found guilty, he knows his eventual “acquittal” is a sham, and he knows how the history books will read.


Dems need to start working on messaging by floating “President Pence” into the thought sphere

It’ll also fuck with Trump bigly when news media start repeating “President Pence”


TIL Anthony Kiedis, lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, had a sexual relationship with a 14 year old and wrote the song “Catholic School Girls Rule” about it.

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Is that the 14yr old girl in the thumbnail picture?


>I’m doctor Rockso, the rock & roll clown; I do cocaine.



Michael: Have you ever paid money to hear music performed by California funk rock band The Red Hot Chili Peppers?


He did a lot of sketchy things and I’m shocked he is still alive.

Source: his autobiography


I loved the music when I was younger, but blessedly knew jack about the band themselves. Reading Scar Tissue made me lose all respect for Kiedis, and the rest of the band for letting him treat people the way he did.


LPT: If you need to get out of bed in the middle of the night for any reason, make sure to cover the mattress back up with your duvet/quilt/comforter. This helps to ensure that your bed is warm for your return.

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I like my bed cold.


If it’s really cold and you have to pee in the middle of the night, don’t even get up, just pee in the bed and it will get even warmer.


It’s going to be 45 degrees Celsius this week…. I don’t need my bed to be any warmer than it already will be


Just fart into it before leaving and when you come back, it will be toasty


Seymchan Meteorite from Russia in 1967

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Why does it look edible to me? Like a big chunk of halva.


Not the actual meteorite. More a cut out of it. You can buy meteorite plates that were cut out of one, to admire the structure below. This is a cubic cutout. The actual meteorite was as blob-shaped as they all are, due to the deformation during atmospheric entry and the friction heat generated upon this flying rock.


I knew it, Minecraft world is a real Planet, this is the proof


How big does an asteroid need to be for it to be able to condense metal particles into a solid block like this under it’s gravity? Or is this likely a fragment of a much bigger object? I guess I pictured asteroids being an accumulation of fine dust-sized particles into more macroscopic objects


You’re ALL wrong, that is CLEARLY the Tesseract. Avengers, ASSEMBLE!


Twice as many monarch butterflies are in Pismo, CA, USA this year. Here’s why that’s ‘great news’

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Anyone know the reason for the increased number? I couldn’t find it in the article.


That’s fantastic news.


We were driving over 80 Donner pass last year and it was just a solid cloud of monarchs. Glad to see them back.


I once drove through a cloud of monarchs. 45 minutes of what sounded like rain on my windshield, I was saddened by it. I-37 between San Antonio and Corpus Christi.


This will be all over r/venturebrothers before we know it 😆


Conservative evangelicals aren’t hypocrites — it’s worse than that

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To think Trump insulted his wife, yet Cruz has his head stuck so far Trump’s ass he’ll stay orange for the rest of his life.


An excellent example of the Christian right’s need for sadistic punishment is the war on drugs. Jailing users has been proven to be completely ineffective as either deterrent or rehabilitation and does more harm than good to the user but it stays in place to serve the moralistic and sadistic needs of the Christian Right and the politicians they vote for.


I would have gone with ‘suppressionists” instead of ‘sadists’. The entire point of cruelty, unfairness, discrimination, marginalization and objectification is for the ‘have’ to keep the pool of competitors at and above their level small.

And the moment there’s more to gain by attacking someone at or above their social station, they will, to improve their chance at upward mobility.


Amen (to borrow a phrase). Nothing says ‘moral depravity’ like fundie Christianity. Using abook of brutal, pre-scientific mythology for sanction to treat others as we ourselves would never wish to be treated makes for an ugly lesson in human psychology. Religion poisons everything.


Aren’t JUST hypocrites


This makes me happy

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I get the argument that everyone has a right, but where that fails is that education is not guaranteed either.

It’s like driving on a road, you need a license. If you want to get a public education, you get vaccinated


It will be great if New Jersey passes this, but keep in mind that NJ is one of the wealthiest and most well-educated states in the country. Other states with more fundamentalist Christians, and less educated people in general, are going to be tougher nuts to crack.


*They said they were outraged by what they see as government intrusion in violation of their First Amendment right of religious freedom. They vowed to pull their children out of school or move out of New Jersey.*

Well, bye.


When you believe in Jesus so you give your kids polio


> Others said they trusted that God had created their bodies strong enough without vaccines.

Oh how they are so fucking wrong. It’s like they ignore world history like the plague.


Boeing reportedly nears decision on cutting or halting 737 Max production

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I hope Boeing won’t allow MBAs and bean counters to make engineering decisions in the future. The MAX has been a national embarrassment.


Boeing needs to shut the hell up with forecasts of when it’ll be approved to fly again. Every time they set a date the FAA has to delay more just to look like they’re not Boeing’s rubber stamp. Boeing needs to say whenever the FAA sees fit, they’re in charge, not us 😉.


The end of the year is two weeks away and one of those weeks is the holiday shutdown. So “some time in 2020” is not news at this point.


I’m convinced that Boeing should be split up.

Make new companies out of military in St Louis, passenger jets in Seattle, and space in ~~New York~~ California, then burn their management headquarters in Chicago to the ground.


Just kill the damn thing. Nobody trusts it anymore.