24 year old Alana Chen found dead from apparent suicide after suffering 10 years of abuse from the Catholic Church she attended in Boulder, Colorado.

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Knowing Catholic Church, those priests are about to be covertly reassigned somewhere else, and the family will be asked by some bishop to “best forget about it”.


I’m sorry for the family and your sisters loss. Truly. This is something that should never happen. I hope someone is held responsible. Not sure about your laws.


So much money ,but morally bankrupt


Rest in peace. My condolences. The catholic church has been the largest and most dangerous criminal organization in action in the world for two thousand years. I wonder how there are catholic fathers and mothers who still have the courage to raise their children within catholic churches, living with priests, bishops, religious, nuns, cardinals, popes, and the devil!!! Catholics must go to masses armed with firearms!!!


My condolences to friends and family. It may legally be suicide, but I would call it indirect murder.