70% of Americans would support a nationwide mandate requiring that solar panels be installed on all newly built homes. The survey showed that the support for this measure is highest among younger adults.

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There has to be a tremendous flaw in this poll.. There is absolutely no way in hell 70% of Americans support this.


Supported by people who don’t think that they’ll ever buy a house?


“House prices are ridiculous! How are we ever supposed to afford our own home? Something must be done!” “What if you force homebuilders to add 10s of thousands of dollars in solar panels on them?” “Yeah, I don’t see how that could be a bad thing.”


Mandate? No. 100% tax deductible up to a certain value- absolutely. Free societies still need free will and incentivising good behavior should always trump mandating a behavior.


Why would you support a mandate like this in places where the peak sunlight hours are low? It’s not feasible. The return on investment isn’t there.