A lot of people’s lives are determined by where their teacher randomly assigned them to sit.

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I never actually thought about this until just now but my chemistry teacher in highschool changed our seating every month and it irritated everyone. However i had more friends in that class than i did in literally every other class throughout my entire HS career


I met my wife like that so I guess that works for me


It certainly had an impact on my life. Grade 5, first day of school, I got sat beside a new girl. I looked at her and asked where she lived and it was my street and I told her we’re going to be best friends. 25 years later she is still my best friend and we have been together through it all together. I hope we end up old ladies together mocking stuff from the front porch. Edit: Yeah, I’m going to be that person. . . Thank you for the award!


You think I assign seats randomly. I carefully seat students in groups based on their shared interests and personalities. I like to play friendship matchmaker.


Your great grandfather was placed by a pretty little girl who became your great grandmother. If he had been placed by Elmer Jones then you wouldn’t exist right now.