A mother is concerned that her son isn’t making enough money on his own, so she asks what he will do for a living

And he says he won’t have a real job, but he has found a legal loophole to take advantage of the sketchy business practices in his city; he discovered many of the repossession companies in his city didn’t fill out the proper paperwork before taking a car away. So he would buy a new car on loan and intentionally not make the payments. When the repossession company would come, he would let them take it, and then threaten to sue them in court. He would rough himself up a little bit, and the company would settle outside of court; they would pay for the car to avoid getting a negative reputation. “That’s smart son, but what makes you think you’ll be successful here?” “That’s easy. Repo sting for car, ma!”

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The ways of a Redditor. Good.


> Reposting for karma If you’re slow like me.


Adding this to my list of signs of aging; 1. Not knowing what the current popular music is and not caring. 2. Having no idea what the latest memes are and not caring. 3. Having to think and re-think about jokes to get puns.


This. This is the best pun of 2019