Australia’s PM is trying to pass a “Religious Freedom” bill that will legally allowed doctors and pharmacists to refuse treatment if they morally object. This is one of many abhorrent pro-discrimination laws he is proposing.

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I’m looking at losing my job because we have a partnership with a Catholic organization, and they threatened to pull a big chunk of funding unless all staff are devout Catholics. 10 fucking years of 70 hour weeks, busting my ass every damned shift, I missed the birth of my son, I missed saying goodbye to several dying family members, I missed out on having a life because I thought hard work and dedication would pay off in the long run.


When did the Aussies clone Trump!!


What the heck is going on Down Under? Before you had to watch out for (nearly) every animal, as it would try to kill you… but you had “Crocodile” Dundee and the incredible Steve Irwin and Elle Macpherson, AC/DC, Cate Blanchett, Hugh Jackman and too many to list. Even your bad guys were cool. Ned Kelly, anyone? Of course Rupert Murdoch is from there too, so maybe 100 awesome people equals to Rupert… my point is the PEOPLE are usually very cool and the government seemed fairly rational.


Why is Australia going backwards?


Christian scum.