Black Tornado on the Sun. This is an inverted view of the Sun Tornado that I captured. I thought it shows off the details even more.

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A tornado, minor at best on the sun…. the size of the goddamn earth! Let that sink in!


Man, can you imagine how fast those winds must be travelling? I get it’s sped up in the animation but the scale of it…


Black hole sun won’t you come and wash away the rain.


Great capture, but this is no tornado. Prominences on the Sun like this one do not behave like the tornadoes on Earth at all. The magnetic field structure that supports the plasma is not rotating as the perspective in the post suggests, but moving horizontally above the surface. Our lack of three-dimensional observation is only creating the illusion of ‘spin.’


First time hearing it describes as tornado. Although i know it is wrong on many levels but still liked it.