Boeing reportedly nears decision on cutting or halting 737 Max production

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I hope Boeing won’t allow MBAs and bean counters to make engineering decisions in the future. The MAX has been a national embarrassment.


Boeing needs to shut the hell up with forecasts of when it’ll be approved to fly again. Every time they set a date the FAA has to delay more just to look like they’re not Boeing’s rubber stamp. Boeing needs to say whenever the FAA sees fit, they’re in charge, not us 😉.


The end of the year is two weeks away and one of those weeks is the holiday shutdown. So “some time in 2020” is not news at this point.


I’m convinced that Boeing should be split up. Make new companies out of military in St Louis, passenger jets in Seattle, and space in ~~New York~~ California, then burn their management headquarters in Chicago to the ground.


Just kill the damn thing. Nobody trusts it anymore.