Bombshell Documents Expose The Secret Lie That Started The Afghan War (2018) — Great mini-doc from a year ago that explains the origins of the war in Afghanistan [25:58]

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The Corbett Report is a highly, highly untrustworthy news source. Take everything with a grain of salt.


Those of us who were adults living through this knew that it was a scam. We were just waiting for the whole story to come out and now it has. I have to wonder just what bullshit is going on today that will someday be revealed in all its tawdry trappings. I can only imagine.


Ten bucks says this was upvoted because people were either mistaking the war in Afghanistan with the one in Iraq, or they don’t know the difference at all between the two and conflate the criticism of what happened in Iraq with what happened in Afghanistan.


There should be a category called conspiracy theories for this sort of crap. Obviously the defense industry is always interested in a small scale war like Iraq or Afghanistan, but the fact that Afghanistan was a safe haven for bin Laden and the al kaida is well known. Obviously Saudi Arabia was/is supporting wahabi sunny terrorism is well known as well. Unfortunate for the taliban they didnt have the $ to bribe/lobby the US mostly Republican politicians like the saudis do.


So many little historical and political experts on this thread.