Botswana cancels hunters’ licences for killing elephant

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For some context: Botswana is pretty serious about poaching prevention, they have the military on it and they shoot first ask questions later. There is a lot of well protected wildlife in the country. There are a *lot* of elephants. Like, the elephants are browsing their favourite tree species to extinction there are so many elephants. The Botswana government has issued some hunting licenses because elephants are becoming a pest. These guys had a permit to hunt elephants, but they hunted one with a scientific research collar attached. It also says they attempted to destroy the collar and hide the evidence, so they’re losing their hunting licenses.


tldr, the two hunters had their license cancelled because they shot a researched elephant with a collar and destroyed the collar. They are ordered to pay for a replacement of the collar and then presumably can get their licenses again. This really is not news.


Lets hope it applies to rich politicians as well.


Silly hunters. They should have waited to become a Trump family member before illegally killing protected animals


I thought you were supposed to hunt without a license and just get it afterwards. Or is that only in Mongolia?