Boy, 5, given prosthetic arm that lets him hug brother. The family wanted an elbow that could be set in different positions, a gripping mechanism and a modular hand that can be swapped out for other tools. Perhaps, more importantly – for Jacob anyway – it is large, green and superhero themed.

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So, was he born without an arm? Or did he lose an arm? I would think being born without one makes this all the more impressive, since he has no muscle memory at all of the new arm


I don’t see £16000 in stuff there, especially as he’ll probably need 10 or more of them as he grows up. It’s certainly cooler looking than the claw one of my classmates had back in the 70s but I’m not sure how much more functional it is.


Very well but can he now smack his brother upside the head? I am not being mean I just want this kid to have a normal childhood. Peace


Kids grow fast at this age almost a tiny bit every day. How will they manage that?


So, this courageous little guy looks awesome with his new hand. It’s pretty amaizing what you can do with technology nowdays. I can bet he will get really well with that arm throught time. He is a superhero, all the kids are. ❤