By using special software to remove the light pollution, I was able to capture insane detail of the core of Andromeda from my backyard. Check out the wider view I link in the comments. [OC]

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Imagine that every single individual star you can see in this image are stars in our own galaxy, not Andromeda. Realizing that, you start to understand how far it really is to Andromeda, and also just how empty the space between our galaxies are.


Would someone explain what the other spots of light are? Are these stars in our galaxy that are in the way of the picture, or are these galaxies beyond Andromeda that just look fuzzy, or what? We probably can’t see the individual stars in Andromeda, right?


The fake bokeh does not look good to me. Other than that it’s an outstanding capture!


Jeebus, its coming right for us!! (Wonderful shot).


If you don’t mind saying, minus the DSLR body, how much would a setup like yours set you back? There’s actually a dark enough area within reasonable driving distance that this could be an interesting addition to my photography hobby.