Conservative evangelicals aren’t hypocrites — it’s worse than that

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To think Trump insulted his wife, yet Cruz has his head stuck so far Trump’s ass he’ll stay orange for the rest of his life.


An excellent example of the Christian right’s need for sadistic punishment is the war on drugs. Jailing users has been proven to be completely ineffective as either deterrent or rehabilitation and does more harm than good to the user but it stays in place to serve the moralistic and sadistic needs of the Christian Right and the politicians they vote for.


I would have gone with ‘suppressionists” instead of ‘sadists’. The entire point of cruelty, unfairness, discrimination, marginalization and objectification is for the ‘have’ to keep the pool of competitors at and above their level small. And the moment there’s more to gain by attacking someone at or above their social station, they will, to improve their chance at upward mobility.


Amen (to borrow a phrase). Nothing says ‘moral depravity’ like fundie Christianity. Using abook of brutal, pre-scientific mythology for sanction to treat others as we ourselves would never wish to be treated makes for an ugly lesson in human psychology. Religion poisons everything.


Aren’t JUST hypocrites