DOJ report ranks Ohio ‘high’ for sexual victimization in juvenile detention facilities, despite overall decline

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Lady here, spent time in juvie in Ohio, can comfirm. I had to do weekly supervised drug screenings, and a middle aged female corrections officer told me in the creepiest voice possible that I was wearing nice panties that day. I was grossed out beyond words. I was also strip searched by a male police officer, along side my even younger friend. Ohio sucks.


I was in juvie facilities as a kid. I’ve never really gotten the impression that a lot of care is taken in hiring staff. Juvenile systems, in particular, should be seen as a location for high investment, having high quality staff should be important.


Gym “Pervert Watcher” Jordan’s home state, what do you expect?


People here just commenting on guard-inmate abuse, note the article refers to inmate on inmate abuse as well: > More than 15 percent — or about one in six — of the 140 surveyed youth held in Ohio juvenile correctional facilities reported being forced or coerced into sexual activity with **other youths or detention staff** in 2018, compared to 7.1 percent nationally. These stats are horrific, even nationally. 1 in 6 in Ohio reported sexual abuse and just over double that nationally.


I wonder what Gym Jordan thinks about this.