Don’t worry, Sen. Graham. No one thought you’d be fair.

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Man I wonder what’s in the video the Russians have on him.


**Trump’s bagmen and inner circle:** • Michael Cohen: convicted felon • Paul Manafort: convicted felon • Roger Stone: convicted felon • Michael Flynn: convicted felon • George Papadopoulos: convicted felon • Rick Gates: convicted felon • Alex van der Zwaan: convicted felon • George Nader: convicted felon • **at-bat**: Rudy Giuliani


I heard an argument the other day that really stuck with me. Everyone is looking at the upcoming trial in the Senate as a forgone conclusion. Everyone already knows that the Republicans are going to abdicate their sworn duty, everyone knows they’ll rant and shout and do all sorts of theatrics to turn it into a partisan brawl. And because everyone already knows, nobody really cares. We’re letting them off easy by being this jaded. We’re doing so much of the work for them. We should be surprised at their depravity, and angry at their inaction. The weeks and months of people shouting from the rooftops that all the Republicans will do as Sen. Lindsey Graham has stated he will do have softened the fall.


Whatever the Russians have on Graham it’s more important to keep secret then it is for him to win his re- election. Reddit needs to do their thing and find out wtf they have on him.


Ever since trump held up a piece of paper with Graham’s cellphone number on it, he has owned Graham. Absolutely OWNED HIM. Graham took his cellphone and hit it with a golf club. … It smashed to smithereens and metaphorically shattered whatever pretense he had of having any principles.