“Don’t you think that if there really is one true God and he does indeed communicate with human beings, Christianity would already have manifested in other places around the world before men showed up with books?” Brilliant!

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DarkMatter2525 is one of the best atheist youtubers out there. The way he challenges my mind and makes me think about religion is the reason I can’t wait to watch every new video he makes.


Of course this has happened…just ask the Mormons.


I regularly point out that there isn’t a single shred of evidence in all of history of a religion that is even remotely likely Christianity springing up in a part of the world that hasn’t already been contacted by Christians. It’s hard to (credibly) claim you’re “without excuse” if nobody in the entire history of the world has managed to figure it out. Kind of like expecting someone who was never taught to read to pass a college entrance exam.


Wands will not touuuuuuuuuuuch


Nope, God just really likes rich white people.