Feds Break Up Illegal Streaming Network That Dwarfs Netflix and Hulu Libraries

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The proliferation of streaming services has re-created the problem Netflix solved in the first place.


Phew! Feds sure saved the day by stopping sites that offered a whole lot more content for nearly nothing. Now Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Apple, HBO and Disney can all offer exclusive, expensive subscriptions to that you’ll never be able to watch what your friends are watching without paying them all. Hooray!


This instead of investigating a world wide pedophile blackmail network.


I feel safer!


Looks like the war is heating up again. This is a result of the broken and fragmented streaming offerings. I am now paying more than I ever have to get all of my content legally. And they all still want me to look at ads. Fuck em. I’ve moved onto iptv. For 20 bucks per month my household has thousands of live channels and movies at their fingertips.