Free 4K TV with an antenna is almost here – Along with HDR, 120Hz refresh rates and better indoor reception, ATSC 3.0 also means targeted ads. Here are the details on ‘Next Gen TV.’

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I do not want to have a bi-directional link to these companies; they will use it to make me their bitch. This goes further than targeted ads. They will pull an “Amazon Swindle” and reach into my device and delete shows I recorded for arbitrary reasons. They will pull a Youtube/Sony and prevent me from watching shows that I recorded in one geographic location while I am visiting another. They will use this bidirectional communication path to do other nasty things to me that I’ve yet to even comprehend as a consumer. Fuck these companies and the people who bend over backwards to give them whatever they want at the expense of everyone else.


I don’t know why anyone in this day and age puts up with advertisements during video entertainment watching.


>Return data path is still in the planning stages, even as the other aspects of 3.0 are already going live. If we take a step back and look at how the physics of how it could work, there’s a silver lining: it almost certainly would still require internet access. Most likely there will be an opt-out or opt-in option, but if this type of thing bothers you, just don’t connect your TV to the internet. There’s no way any TV could broadcast a signal with enough power for your local TV station to receive it. I mean, I suppose there’s a darker timeline where the TVs have a 4G or 5G transmitter built in and talk to the network without any other connection from you — but that seems pretty far-fetched. That would be costly to build and costly to run. Not sure why the author would find this far fetched. I’d certainly assume that the device would require signing into your local wifi to relay your watching habits to the providers in order for the receiver to even function.


lol “targeted ads” pass.


Targeted ads means we can hack it and have no ads?