GOP Senator: It’d Be ‘Extremely Inappropriate’ To Immediately Shoot Down Impeachment In Senate

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Toomey is a slimball. Do not trust anything he says. He signed an open letter disapproving impeachment. He said Trump’s Ukraine call is not worth impeachment. He said the only take away from the house testimonials is “where’s the crime?”. This is a bullshit statement to get people to falsely hope there are some GOP members who aren’t part of this shame.


> It’d Be ‘~~Extremely Inappropriate~~’ Transparently Corrupt To Immediately Shoot Down Impeachment In Senate


FFS, this guy thinks the McConnell’s coordination with Trump is to ensure he gets a fair trial? I’ll take anything else he says with a grain of salt, thanks.


Pennsylvania is a swing state, right? He can’t risk going all in like the other sycophants


Say one thing on TV and do something else in the Senate.