Hallmark Yanks Same-Sex Wedding Ads After Conservative Group Pushback

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When will they finally just let people love the people they love?


TIL I’m boycotting Hallmark.


Are (some) c*ntservatives still bitching over this issue? Really? … is what I was wondering before I remembered the pushback over the interracial Cherri-O’s ad. Hallmark is foolish to reject LGBTQ+ dollars as well as Ally Dollars and supporter dollars. Here’s an experiment they should try- try running a blatantly anti-same-sex wedding ad and see how much mo ey and support that C*ntervative group gives you as compared to the money and support you lose. Maybe then you’ll see what side your bread is buttered on.


Wrote them an email detailing how I’ll be avoiding all their products this holiday season.


If they actually had any guts, and had stuck to the adds, I was going to start using their products, since that would have been a step forward for them.