Hong Kong people with UK passports demand the right to live in Britain

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They can already apply for citizenship if they have nationality.


I think the problem is that if anything the UK elections have gone on a direction that do not benefit this idea of bringing all these people even if they have a (i guess arguable among British people) right to claim the UK for some responsibility, specially those with passport. I know the reddit demographic is very much pro-HK (nothing wrong with that) but the reality of the UK as of right now does not seem to represent that so i don’t see Boris or anyone alike considering the deal and then trying to sell it to their constituents, i do not see a way in which that party/administration can even consider (has any member from the current parliament mentioned anything?) allowing millions in suddenly or even thousands without some filtering/regulation.


They better get in quick while there’s still a UK to go to


They think britions refused those poles immigrants so they can make place for some hkers? Are they dumb?