How often should a person take breaks when lifting??

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you can deload or take a break when your body isn’t feeling so great, there’s no set timetable for break/deload. If you are feeling shit after every workout it’s time to deload or just out right take a break.


For me I take a whole week off every six weeks (give or take one week). I usually come back stronger or at least feeling stronger. You’re not going to lose your gains from a week off, your body is more likely to thank you for the break.


* When you go on vacation. * When you are overtraining and plateauing, it can help to take a “lighter” week before changing things up (so you can be fully recovered/at 100%). * There’s no reason to take time off completely (i.e. do nothing) for a week unless you are injured in a way that makes all training impossible. It’s rare that I’ll take a “lighter” week. Usually my lifts aren’t all at the same place. I might need to go easy on squats, but that’s no reason to decrease the intensity on my bench, for example.


I find that breaks come naturally – either I get a bad cold or small injury so I take a break then rather than planning it.


I do a deload week about every 4 weeks If you’re talking like an actual break from lifting/training where you don’t go to the gym at all, well, why would you do that?