How realistic is it to rent your own apartment with $1,900-$2,600 a month salary in Chicago

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It would probably be smarter to get roommates or a super cheap apt closer to the $650 number. $800-900 would eat up so much of your income it would be a struggle.


Others have given advice on budget, but on your debt–please look at your student debt again. Pell grants are grants and therefore do NOT need to be repaid, unless you dropped out the semester you received them. This may seem nitpick-y but as you budget, it’s important to understand the intricacy of your student debt–what kind of loan, what kind of plan you can be on, what interest rate, goal for paying it off.


Where in Chicago is an apartment that low rent?


I hate to be the one to point this out, but don’t forget to include federal and state taxes, as well as health insurance deductions from your paycheck.


It would be better to get roommates. Sure it’s doable on your salary, but you could get something cheaper and save some cash for other things. Presumably you are young and want to enjoy life a little?