I just tanked my credit score over a dollar. Is there anything I can do about this?

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This should serve as a reminder to everyone: Check your statements every month! Even if you think you haven’t made any charges, you need to check your statements!


On the plus side, you now have incentive to skip the car loan entirely, going straight to buying an adequate car with cash and paying no interest.


Call the creditor and talk to them about it. If you have a good history with them they may reverse to charges and remove the late pay from your credit report. I have done this several times over the years and my card issuer always removed late fees and accrued interest as well. Good Luck!


Are you sure that it was a legitimate charge? If someone stole your info and charged the card (by verifying it), it might be easier to remove the delinquent status.


Loan officers get to apply some judgment usually, especially in cases like this where it was a completely inconsequential amount and understandable reason. Make sure you shop around for loans though so you know what is good for exceptional credit and then don’t go ahead with anything less.