Identity stolen. How do I protect myself for the rest of my life?

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Check out – it has a nice guided interview on steps to take when your identity is stolen. The reality post-Equifax breach is that your Social Security Number is already exposed to bad actors. Since this person used access to your mail, you should also take steps to secure your mail, like getting a locking mailbox, or using a PO box.


Besides the other advice I’m sure you will get, I’d buy a locking mailbox and if that’s not an option switch to a PO box. Credit freeze is always top priority.


Set up a home camera and arrest the theft (file police report and give video to police, do not engage the theft yourself!). **Stealing postal mail is a federal crime**.


You can call the companies that control the three different types of credit scores you have and have them freeze your credit, that way no one can open any new credit cards or take out any loans in your name, there is also just checking your account frequently. ​ You can easily **freeze your credit** with Equifax on **their** website, or via an automated **phone** line: 1-800-685-1111 (1-800-349-9960 for New York residents). If you’d rather talk to **a** human, **their** customer care **number** is 1-888-298-0045. In case you need this.


>Is this a fundamental flaw in our current society? Yes. At some point we are going to need a system change to how we give out credit, and how we verify identity of the people doing so. I hope they catch the person that did this, unfortunately it’s probably someone you know or a neighbor.