If sugar is addictive then why isn’t fruit?

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If sugar is a highly addictive substance, why do people not treat fruit the same way? Is there a difference that makes the sugar addictive? edit: not sure why my question is getting downvotes. I’m just wanting to learn more about sugar.


Sugar is usually refined, making the sweetness more potent. Sugar in fruit is diluted by the juices, water, fiber etc. in th fruit. Dried fruit however is concentrated sugar + fiber.


It isn’t or do you see people buying bags of sugar, gorging up on them?


I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I know I used to scarf down frightening amounts of fruit and sweet potatoes in one sitting and still want more LOL it was like dessert to me. People just don’t see it as “bad” because it’s “healthy” sugar and I guess for a lot of people it’s okay and their bodies can handle it. It is a bit different to ingest straight refined sugary sweets and a fruit, which comes with fiber and a host of nutrients to offset the sugar. But in the end, sugar is still sugar and some people’s bodies handle those sugars better than others. But I’d definitely say fruit can be addictive. We just don’t associate a negative connotation with fruit, so we don’t have that same feeling of guilt so it doesn’t feel like such an “addiction” in the same way.


Have you ever had grapes?