If you are waiting till New year’s to make a change, it’s not important to you

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Straight up I made a midyear resolution to quit buying shit from gas stations except gas. I gave up energy drinks and I haven’t smoked cigarettes in a month. I use to spend over 10$ a day at a gas station. It’s hard as hell but better to start the day you first have the thought than keep telling yourself to put it off. Edit: thanks for the support everyone. And thanks for the silver particularly kind stranger!


This one hit me, dude. Maybe you’re right. I keep telling myself I’ll make a change at the new year. “what’s one more month?” Good shit. Time to make a change today.


I was saying to get a job and a GF next year……4 years ago


perhaps. but it can be that i am very lazy and setting a start date helps. besides, holidays are draining the life out of me…


And if you go back to your old habit on Jan 2nd, it’s not important either…