In rural Colorado, the kids of coal miners learn to install solar panels – Where the mines once provided steady employment, solar energy now offers jobs for the next generation.

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At least the next generation isn’t shackling itself to a dead industry.


This is being pushed by one “weird” teacher there. If you offer a HIGHER starting salary, a town will attract better teachers…who actually care about the future of their young charges!


I thought they were against that and pushing against solar… like towns are banning solar. Because old people hate change.


That’s good and should happen, but unless there are large utility scale solar installations present in these areas, how many jobs can there be long term doing residential installs? It’s a sad truth that without something else those places won’t recover, but on the other hand the needs of the many outweigh the few. If Craig, CO and Gillette, WY shrink but we spare Miami from being underwater then so be it. I would think they need external investments. Things like distribution centers and light industry lured by overgenerous tax breaks can be a very negative thing in a big picture sense, but it can be better than nothing. Given these towns locations maybe tourism is an option?


Solar ends up being bad for the environment. Not as bad as coal obviously , but they have a lifespan of about 25-30 years and after that there’s nothing you can do with the panels they’ll just go into a landfill because you can’t recycle them. It’s estimated around 800,000 tons of solar panels will be in landfills by 2040. Nuclear is the best option, but society stigmatizes it as dangerous.