In rural Colorado, the kids of coal miners learn to install solar panels. Where the mines once provided steady employment, solar energy now offers jobs for the next generation.

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This is the way it should be done. Whoever thought this up and made it happen deserves all the applause.


Too bad Hillary had this plan for coal miners in Appalachia and they rejected it. “Better to die of black lung in poverty than vote for a she-devil Demonrat with a plan!”


SUN: Solar Energy is responsible for all creation and propagation of life on Earth (including volcanic activity, directly and indirectly including … the Mars life theory) I am thinking the Sun cult worship by the ancients wasn’t such a bad thing after all. All hail Ra? Or is it Indra?


I once heard Trump say that renewable energy could only be a real thing if the population, who have free will to take their decisions and invest their money, would chose it over traditional sources. By signaling the markets that this is what people want and this is the trend of decision, private investment in new infrastructures and scientific innovation would explode and it would eventually become more profitable than regular energy sources thus naturally causing a shift in our way of life. Until then, he would allow coal mines to reopen. Among all the stupid things he said, this was, honestly, one of the smartest things. It is now pretty obvious to me that the entire western way of life can dramatically change if WE CHOSE to spend our time and money on new products and new systems. We saw it multiple times across the years. 10 years ago there was no smartphones. 30 years ago, no INTERNET. The only reason why those 2 examples changed our world is because WE, AS CONSUMERS, chose to buy them. It was EXPENSIVE, it was GIMMICKY and UNRELIABLE at first. But we saw the greatness in those techs. It’s up to US to make our free decision. It’s not up to the government to enforce them (although they have to legislate and promote) nor should we listen to activists blaming capitalism and governments when capitalism and it’s uncanny capacity to provide quick investments, is our only way out.


Tell that to Polish miners that start rioting as soon as we start talking about limiting coal usage… Wish more people understood that the upcoming decades need new generations to lead the change :/