Just because I’m an atheist doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate Christmas

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This idea that ‘Christmas’ started with Christians is just so laughably false. The celebration of the Solstice – the turning of the year – was celebrated for many thousands of years before Christianity adopted the holiday. I celebrate it for what it is, and if the Christians want to join in, then let them. The Winter Solstice on December 21 is the first day of a five-day event which ends on the most celestially important day of the year… December 25, or the day we now call Christmas. It is the day the Sun of the coming year is born. The Solstice is the day the rising sun stops it southerly progress and dawns in the same place as the day before, and the days stop getting shorter. For me in England, that is directly south east. For ancient man, watching the sun wane and the days get shorter each Autumn, this day must have come as a relief. But the turning of the year is a gradual process and it doesn’t happen overnight. The Sun rises in the same place for the next three mornings, then on the 25th it starts its progress north again until the Summer Solstice, when it rises in the north east. It is this first day of movement north by the Sun, promising longer days and the return of the warmth, which is the real Reason For The Season. What we’re celebrating is the birth of the Sun, not the Son (of God). The Romans called it Sol Invictus. Christianity kept numerous pagan Solstice traditions for their adopted holiday which they renamed Christmas, including feasting, visiting friends and family and exchanging gifts, holly wreaths and mistletoe, decorating trees and making Yule logs. Reindeer, and visiting shamen entering the yurt through the chimney hole to deliver presents. So if Christians want to adopt this pagan holiday and give it a Baby Jesus makeover, they are welcome. It belongs to us all, and we should be able to celebrate it as we wish, or not at all. But don’t try to claim it is a Christian tradition which can only be enjoyed by Christians. As for January 1, New Year’s Day…. it has no significance at all, except to the ancient Egyptians who noticed it was the day they could draw a straight line from the sunrise, through the star Sirius (the portal), and on to Orion (home of the Gods). It deserves to be forgotten.


What the fuck does Santa, Elfs, reindeer, snowmen, and eggnog have to do with being Christian or religious? Just cause they slap a manger up doesn’t mean shit. The bible never states when he was born, And the earliest mentioning of Christmas was in rome 300 years later, and had nothing to do with jesus birth. This was done for one purpose, to takeover the pagan holidays in attempt to convert more people. Thats it. When religious fucktards try preaching this to me, I always push back. Stating scholars have to approximate jesus birthday based on others birth times, like in Luke 1:24-36, Johns mother was 6 months pregnant during jesus conception. Historians using this approximate June. That said, for all the traveling, manger and such, but just a few passages later in Luke 1:35-36 the difference in age between john and Jesus puts us more towards September. For such a prominent person, thr manger stories and all, one would think that someone would remember the day or at least week of birth and made a mention of it. The reason its not is because they needed to shroud the persons identity based on all this angel and divine conception crap. So fuck chritians, and fuck their hostile take over of christmas. Also fuck corporations for the bastardization of a nice family holiday and turning it into a greedy cash cow. That you can squarely blame on the christians.


Like how many Jewish people aren’t religious but still take part in Jewish holidays? I don’t understand what people don’t get


Read a good article years ago about a girl saying her Jewish family liked celebrating Christmas because there’s so much fun stuff to do. Decorating, putting up a tree, different foods made around this time, music about the time of year. The charity and gift giving. Most of these things don’t require religious affiliation of any variety, it’s just fun.


Christians are insecure as hell and spend their entire lives accordingly as overly-sensitive, paranoid fucks. The only thing that angers them more than someone who doesn’t adhere to their twisted beliefs is someone who happily doesn’t adhere to their twisted beliefs. They know that their strength as a religion is dwindling with time, and they don’t know how to deal with it.