Lindsey Graham’s Democratic Challenger Nearly Tied in Heavily-Republican South Carolina, Poll Shows

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Let’s hope for some decent change. About time. I hope Mitch McConnell is next. 39 years of stagnation and Kentucky is not ready for change.


I hope Lindsey regrets saying he won’t honor his oath during the impeachment trial. South Carolina, please make sure he never holds office again. Edit: This is my first time receiving gold. Thank you so much!


South Carolinians are going to want to double check that they aren’t mysteriously kicked off the ballot rolls next November. If you are a POC, maybe check six or eight times. Don’t let them do you like Georgia.


I know full well Mr. Harrison is aware of Lindsey’s Stolen Valor history (because I told him personally) and I look forward to the rest of the state learning their hero thought teaching a class in South Carolina was the exact same as coming under enemy fire in Iraq.


God I’d love to see that floor licker ousted.