Louisville family blames Catholic Church leaders for daughter’s suicide

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As a straight Male there is no therapy that could make me look at a dick and say I wanna put that in my ass and mouth… it’s so fucking stupid to think that they can make a gay male or female suddenly find something else sexually pleasing.. stop treating homosexuals like they are broken it’s disgusting they are not broken they are perfect beautiful humans who have done nothing wrong and need to change nothing to be “fixed” my gosh I’m so over this disgusting mindset you hear shit like “I love them even if they are gay” I love them because they are alive period no prerequisites.


Conversion therapy is not just torture, it *kills* people. It should be illegal nationwide.


Christians are in a tough place. Their scriptures force them to violate their own sense of compassion.


Madness, Christians are the ones that should be attending conversion camps. Basically just a weekend where they actually read the Bible should do it,


Even ignoring the “conversion therapy” aspect of this (which I know is the main aspect), Catholicism is centered largely around feeling guilty about everything you do, so you’ll come back for confession all the time or risk hell and other negative consequences. It’s already unhealthy for most people, mentally, and then you throw in “you’re not supposed to be homosexual” on top of that… I still have weird “Catholic Guilt” moments, more than 10 years after leaving the church, and I’m a straight male. I can’t imagine how much worse it must’ve been for this young lady.